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Gold Loan Envelops

Gold loan security bags are specialized bags used by financial institutions, such as banks and non-banking financial companies (NBFCs), to securely Storing gold items offered as collateral by borrowers. These bags are designed with high-security features to ensure the safe transit of valuable items like gold jewelry, coins, or other forms of gold used in gold loan transactions. The security features of these bags typically include tamper-evident seals, multiple layers of security, unique identification numbers, and sometimes even GPS tracking systems to monitor their movement in real-time.

Using these specially designed bags helps prevent tampering, providing both the lender and the borrower with confidence in the security of the gold items being pledged for the loan.

Cheque Book / Credit / Debit card Envelops

Tamper-proof Cheque Book / Credit / Debit card Covers are specialized protective sleeves designed to enhance the security of personal or business cheque books or Cards. These covers are equipped with various features to prevent tampering, forgery, or unauthorized access to the cheques. Here are some common security features found in tamper-proof cheque book covers:

  • Tamper-Evident: The covers have closures that are designed to show visible signs of tampering. If someone tries to open the cover, it would be evident, indicating possible tampering.
  • Security Patterns: Some covers have intricate patterns or designs that make it difficult to reproduce or counterfeit, adding an extra layer of security.
  • Watermarking: Watermarked patterns or logos can be embedded into the material of the cover. These watermarks are difficult to replicate, making it easier to identify genuine covers.
  • Tear-Resistant Material: Cheque book covers made from tear-resistant materials enhance durability and prevent easy access to the cheques inside.
  • Sequential Numbering: Each cover may have a unique serial number. Sequential numbering helps in tracking and identifying specific covers, ensuring accountability.

Loan Document Envelops

Loan document storing security bags are specialized, tamper-evident bags designed to ensure the safe and secure storage, transportation, and handling of important loan- related documents. These bags are particularly crucial for financial institutions, banks, or lending organizations that deal with sensitive customer information and paperwork related to loans.:

Here are some key features and purposes of these security bags


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